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Setup Legal Frameworks

When you use a monetization SDK, it is essential to comply with applicable privacy regulations. With MAS SDK, you have two options to meet the legal requirements: you can either use your own privacy dialog or utilize the built-in privacy dialog provided by the MAS SDK.

Custom Privacy Dialog

When you use your own privacy dialog :

  • If the user's age >= 13, then set COPPA to false, otherwise set it to true.
  • If the user's age >= 16 and consents to having his data collected, then set GDPR to true, otherwise set it to false.
  • If the user consents to having his data collected, then set CCPA to false, otherwise set it to true.

You'll find the details about how to set the legal frameworks through these links:

MAS SDK Privacy Dialog

You can enable the built-in privacy compliance dialog to collect the user's age and consent. Here is a picture of the pop up:


Enable SDK Privacy Dialog

To enable the SDK privacy dialog, you need to call the following method before initializing the SDK:

Yodo1AdBuildConfig config = new Yodo1AdBuildConfig().enableUserPrivacyDialog(true);

// Update the agreement link
config = config.userAgreementUrl("Your user agreement url");

// Update the privacy link
config = config.privacyPolicyUrl("Your privacy policy url");


Customize the appearance (optional)

The popup is divided into 3 sections:

  • Title sections
  • Content sections
  • Button sections


You should customize the background color of the 3 highlighted areas.

Yodo1MasUserPrivacyConfig userPrivacyConfig = new Yodo1MasUserPrivacyConfig()

Yodo1AdBuildConfig config = new Yodo1AdBuildConfig()


Get User Age and ATT Status (optional)

You can get the user's age and ATT status through the following methods if you need this data.

int age = Yodo1U3dMas.GetUserAge();

int attStatus = Yodo1U3dMas.GetAttrackingStatus();
switch(attStatus) {
case Yodo1U3dAttrackingStatus.NotDetermined: break;
case Yodo1U3dAttrackingStatus.Restricted: break;
case Yodo1U3dAttrackingStatus.Denied: break;
case Yodo1U3dAttrackingStatus.Authorized: break;
case Yodo1U3dAttrackingStatus.SystemLow: break; // iOS version below 14

Next Steps