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Why Use MAS?

Yodo1’s Managed Ad Services, (MAS) connect advertisers and app developers. Advertisers provide ads to ad networks embedded in the MAS SDK for promoting their products. App developers then use the MAS SDK to display these ads to their users.

Advertisers bid on ad space made available by a developer in the hope of winning an impression, and the developer receives this revenue.

The MAS backend uses proprietary AI technology to auto-optimize bidding and waterfall settings. This way, your game can leverage maximum benefits of monetization with minimum effort.

What Makes MAS Different?

MAS offers a unique solution for mobile game developers focused on maximizing revenue without sacrificing user experience. Leveraging machine learning, MAS optimizes Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) through partnerships with top ad networks and mediators, allowing you to earn more efficiently. This approach not only enhances monetization but also provides intelligent ad network navigation.

The platform extends beyond standard mediation, offering a suite of tools and expert support for data-driven decision-making in mobile game monetization. MAS simplifies the process by integrating various monetization strategies into one easy-to-use, secure platform, compatible with all popular game engines. This unified approach saves time and resources, making MAS an ideal partner for developers who want to focus on creating engaging games while entrusting monetization to a reliable, efficient system.

How to Start

Download the SDK corresponding to the platform you use to develop your game. Yodo1 continually upgrades the MAS SDK to improve monetization, increase access to valuable data through analytics, and provide new monetization features.

Let's begin your journey with MAS!

SDK Quick Start