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  • It’s mandatory to use a privacy dialog to comply with Play Store and App Store policies and also avoid any revenue loss.
  • If you use MAS built-in privacy dialog, COPPA will be configured automatically.
  • If you prefer using your own privacy dialog, you should check the user’s age and set COPPA manually.
  • You need to set COPPA before initializing MAS.

What is COPPA?

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is an American legal framework that safeguards children’s privacy. For details, check this blog post. The Apple App Store and Google Play have rules in place to make sure games comply with COPPA.

What are Apple App Store’s Rules?

If an app is designed specifically for children under 13 years of age, it must include COPPA compliance.

What are Google Play’s Rules?

Developers submitting games and applications meant for children or for a general audience including children under 13 years old MUST comply with Google Play’s Designed for Families policy. If you do not, Google Play will disable your game/app.

How to set COPPA


IMPORTANT! Google’s new privacy changes disallow the transmission of advertising ID for unknown age users, thus unknown age users will be set as age restricted by default. This lead to limited ad inventory and lower ad eCPM, as an increasing number of advertising campaigns require the identifier. In order to maximize ad monetization, MAKE SURE to use your own age verification pop up or MAS age verification pop-up to collect users’ age.

If the user is above 13 and indicates consent, use the following methods:


If the user is under 13, use the following methods:


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