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Submitting Payment Information

How to Submit Payment Information

Follow these steps to submit your payment information:

  1. After logging in, visit the Finance page by navigating to "Management" > "Finance".
  2. Click "Setup payment profile" on the right side of the page.
Finance page

Required Information for Payments

Personal/Company information

Please enter all required personal/company information below:

IMPORTANT! When selecting "Individual" or "Company", ensure it aligns with how you wish to operate your legal entity. If you choose "Company", the First, Middle, and Last names should be those of the primary contact person at your company.

Create Payment Profile

Payment Methods

You can choose between four payment methods:

Payment Methods

Wire Transfer

Wire transfer are a quick and efficient way to receive payments. Please note that all wire transfers have a $26 transaction fee.

IMPORTANT! Refer to the "i" text for assistance in completing the process. For more information, consult the FAQs below.

Wire Transfer Method


Yodo1 can issue payments via Paypal, a convenient solution for independent developers. To receive your compensation via Paypal, complete the required form below.

Paypal Method


Checks offer an easy way to receive payments with low transaction fees. However, there is usually a 14-day waiting period. Complete the form below to receive your payment by check.

Check Method

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the fastest method with the lowest transaction fees. However, please note that not all countries permit this payment method. Please research and confirm if this option is viable for you.

Direct Deposit Method


  • What is "Extra Text" in the Wire Transfer form?

    In some countries or regions, banks may require additional information from Yodo1 to process your payment. Please provide the requested information in the "Extra Text" section.

  • Can I receive payment in my local currency?

    Yes, this is possible with some payment methods. We recommend PayPal for the best results.

For the next step, please visit the MAS SDK integration docs.