1. Add Test Device

1.1 Visit, and navigate to “Management/Testing”.

1.2 Click “Add test device”, and select either “iOS” or “Android”, then input the name and test device id you generate.

IMPORTANT! To generate a test ID for your game, please use this link for Android devices and this link for IOS devices. These links download an APK and IPA file respectively that can be installed on your device to reveal your Device ID.

1.3 Click Ok.

2. Enable Test Mode for the game.

2.1 Go to Management / Games section and open the Manage page.

2.2 Click on Ads Management and enable the test mode.

3. Test Your Integration

3.1 Open the game you wish to test on your test device. Please note it may take up to 10 minutes from the time you add the test device to your dashboard to the time it is ready to be used as a test device.

3.2 Make sure to turn off test mode when you are finished testing.

3.3 Below are examples of test ads:

Banner Test Ad

Interstitial Test Ad