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Unreal Engine

Basic Configuration

Enter these values in the Project Settings -> Yodo Ads.

Unreal Engine Basic Configuration

Initialize the SDK

Here is how you can initialize the MAS SDK in Unreal Engine.

Initialize Unreal Engine SDK

Ad Unit Setup

Here is how you can set up different ad units in Unreal Engine.

Callbacks Unreal Engine Banner Ad Callbacks

Load the Banner Ad Unreal Engine Load Banner Ad

Show the Banner Ad

Make sure to call the Show function only when the banner is loaded. Also, make sure to destroy the banner ad when it is no longer needed.

Unreal Engine Show Banner Ad

Interstitial Ad

Callbacks Unreal Engine Interstitial Ad Callbacks

Show the Interstitial Ad Unreal Engine Show Interstitial Ad

Rewarded Ads

Callbacks Unreal Engine Rewarded Ad Callbacks

Show the Rewarded Ad Unreal Engine Show Rewarded Ad

Next Steps