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Testing Ads

Before submitting your game to the app stores, you should test your game to ensure that ads are working correctly. This guide will show you how to test ads in your game.

Add Test Device


To generate a test ID for your game, please use this tool for Android devices and this tool for iOS devices. They can be installed on your device to reveal your Device ID.

Navigate to "Management" > "Testing" in the MAS Dashboard, to configure your test device.

Add Test Device

Click "Add test device" to select either "iOS" or "Android", and then input the name and device ID of your test device.

Enable Test Mode

Navigate to "Management" > "Games" in the MAS Dashboard, to enable test mode for your game. Click on "Manage" to enter the game details page to enable test mode, by toggling ON the "Test Mode" switch.

Manage Game

Installing the game on your test device will now show test ads. See examples below.

Banner Test Ads

Interstitial Test Ads