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  • It’s mandatory to use a privacy dialog to comply with Play Store and App Store policies and also avoid any revenue loss.
  • If you use MAS built-in privacy dialog, CCPA will be configured automatically.
  • If you prefer using your own privacy dialog, you should add an agreement link to get the users’ consent to having their data collected and set CCPA manually.
  • You need to set CCPA before initializing MAS.

What Is CCPA?

CCPA is a legal framework created by the state of California, in the USA, to protect privacy. Read this FAQ for details.

How to set CCPA

  1. Determine the user’s location.
  2. Use the location to trigger a message which asks users whether or not they consent to having their data collected. Here is an example, though we suggest changing the wording to better suit your audience.
  3. Use the input to trigger a CCPA compliance method.

If the user has opted out:


If the user has NOT opted out:


// # ( @formatter:on )

Next Steps