Change Logs

Note: SDK Change Log has been released starting from MAS 4.1.0 due to extra features added to help developers keep track of future SDK updates.

SDK VersionRelease DateFunctional Changes
MAS 4.6.62022/04/27Add a new API to get the user’s age and ATT status
Bug fixes:
Change the unknown default value of COPPA to FALSE
Fix crash issue of age verification pop up
MAS 4.6.52022/04/15Improve the privacy dialog UI experience and add click effects to hyperlinks and confirm button
MAS 4.6.42022/04/08Bug fixes:
Upgrade FAN to 6.9.0 to fix the MAS and FB Login or Share SDK conflict issue
MAS 4.6.32022/04/06Bug fixes:
Fix the rewarded ads from Applovin do not callback rewards issue
MAS 4.6.22022/04/01Bug fixes:
Fix the BG Color is not working for test native ads on iOS
MAS 4.6.12022/03/25– Support the multiple languages of Privacy Popup
– Add a new event named “AppStart” for DAU 
MAS 4.6.0-rc.12022/03/11– Native Ads support(Small+Medium+Custom)
– A4G-Google Ad manager support
– MAS Lite version support
– Developers can customize the SDK age verification pop up

– Bug fixes:
– Fix data event issue at the SDK end
MAS 4.5.02022/01/18– Mediation banner optimization

– Banner impression calculation method upgrade

– Bug fixes:

– Test Interstitial ads issues
– Close button for test interstitials and rewarded video ads
MAS 4.4.52021/12/07– Multiple banners on the same screen

– Ad networks upgrade

– Bug fixes
MAS 4.4.02021/11/18– New Banner API (V2)
– New Banner formats
: Smart, Large, and IAB Medium Rectangle
– Bug fixes
– Test banner issues
MAS 4.3.22021/10/22– Adaptive banners are now available in test ads
– Ad networks upgrade
– Bug Fixes
– The Neutral age-gate (default age is now 0)
– The crash caused by FBSDKCoreKit_Basics
– The incompatibility with Facebook SDK
MAS 4.3.12021/09/24– New Data events
– Added responseCode and failureMessage properties to adInit event
– Added new adPrivacy event
– Bug Fixes
MAS 4.3.02021/09/09– Automatic privacy compliance
We now provide a simple three-line solution to have a pop-up notification that covers GDPR, COPPA, and CCPA compliance.
– Ad networks updates
Several ad networks have been updated and IronSource removed from the Family SDK
– Bug Fixes
MAS 4.2.02021/06/30 Adaptive Banners

– Other features
– SDK dependency resolution enhancement
– Optimization of CocoaPods download speed.

– Bug Fixes
– Banner ad position issue
– Banner ad black screen issue
– Crash issue
MAS 4.1.02021/05/04– Test Ads and Test Mode
You may use test mode to ensure the integration is successful and your ad placements are functioning correctly.

– Test Device Management
You can easily manage test devices for your apps.

– SDK Integration Validation
You can check many details of the integration process. Such as MAS SDK Version, Appkey, Bundle ID, AdMob ID, initialization status, and more test mode details.