Change Logs

SDK VersionRelease DateFunctional Changes
4.9.22023/09/04Fixed ActionBar/ToolBar/TitleBar being displayed on fullscreen ads and blocking the close buttons.
4.9.12023/08/16Update the Fyber ad network version to fix a crash issue.
4.9.02023/08/07Added Admob Consent Management Platform for EU.
Updated Ad Networks.
Improved privacy dialog with custom privacy policy links.
4.8.102023/06/12Added MAS Debugger feature.
4.8.92023/04/21Added Report Ad feature.
Updated Ad Networks in MAS Lite SDK. New networks are (Admob, Mintegral, Iron source, Applovin, and Unity)
4.8.82023/03/28Ad Networks Updated.
4.8.72023/03/06New test ads system, test mode needs to be enable for each app in ads management section.
Logging is disabled by default.
Added App Open ad soft close placement event.
Added Kidoz ad network in MAS Standard and Family.
Added more ad networks for App Open ads and Rewarded Interstitials.
4.8.62023/02/17Added fixes in MAS Family SDK to be compliant with Google Play Policies.
4.8.52023/01/20Optimize App Open ads loading design
4.8.42022/12/26Remove Applovin from MAS Family
4.8.32022/12/16Improve MAS initialization caching logic
4.8.22022/12/09Support App Open Ads in Ad Manager
Update our analytics solution (Thinking Data instead of Sensors Data) to fix the DAU discrepancy issue between MAS portal and Firebase analytics
Optimize the loading time of App Open Ads
4.8.12022/11/25Add a caching configuration to optimize the SDK initialization time
ANR collection enhancement
Fix an ANR issue caused by sendMessage API
Ad networks update (Mintegral added, Tapjoy removed)
4.8.02022/11/04Support new ad formats (App Open ads, Rewarded Interstitials)
Upgrade the ad networks SDKs
Bug fixes
4.7.72022/09/28Fix a policy warning in Play Store caused by Yandex
4.7.62022/09/15Fix a policy warning in Play Store caused by myTracker
4.7.52022/08/30Support capping and pacing for the interstitial ads
Optimize the display logic of test ads
Add 2 more languages in the built-in privacy dialog
Include an ANR optimization solution from Admob
Upgrade to the latest version of OkHttp library
4.7.32022/07/13Add Android API level 30 support
4.7.22022/07/08Improve the interstitials and rewarded ads load time
4.7.12022/07/05Bug fixes
4.7.02022/06/30Refactor the Interstitials & Rewarded ads APIs
Integrate an ANR tracking system
Change the maximum age of the privacy dialog to 120
Upgrade the ad networks SDKs
Upgrade ExternalDependencyManager to version 1.2.172
Bug fixes
4.6.62022/04/27Add a new API to get the user’s age
4.6.52022/04/15Improve the privacy dialog UI experience and add click effects to hyperlinks and confirm button
4.6.42022/04/08Bug fixes
4.6.32022/04/06Bug fixes
Fix the rewarded ads from Applovin do not callback the reward’s issue
4.6.22022/04/01– Comply with google play family data practices
– Mark the Banner V1 API deprecated
4.6.12022/03/25– Support the multiple languages of Privacy Popup
– Add a new event named β€œAppStart” for DAU
– Android 12(API 31) support
– Upgrade the play-services-tasks version to 18.0.1
4.6.02022/03/11– Native Ads support(Small+Medium+Custom)
– A4G-Google Ad manager support
– MAS Lite version support
– Developers can customize the SDK age verification pop up

– Bug fixes
– Fix data event issue at the SDK end
– Fix the FrameLayout crash issue
– Fix the privacy dialog could not be displayed with a small probability
– Fix the Google warning issue caused by Tapjoy
– Fix ExoPlayer crash caused by AppLovin
4.5.02022/01/18– Mediation banner optimization
– Banner impression calculation method upgrade

– Bug fixes:

– adPlacement name field missing in the ad impression event
– Crashes related to threads
4.4.52021/12/07– Multiple banners on the same screen
– Ad networks upgrade
– Bug fixes
4.4.02021/11/18– New Banner API (V2)
– New Banner formats
: Smart, Large, and IAB Medium Rectangle
– Bug fixes
4.3.22021/10/22– Adaptive banners are now available in test ads
– Ad networks upgrade

– Bug Fixes
– The Neutral age-gate (default age is now 0)
– The ConstraintLayout crash
– The AppLovin ANRs
– The Receiver crash
4.3.12021/09/24– New Data events
– Added responseCode and failureMessage properties to adInit event
– Added new adPrivacy event
– Bug Fixes
4.3.02021/09/09– Automatic privacy compliance
We now provide a simple three-line solution to have a pop-up notification that covers GDPR, COPPA, and CCPA compliance.
– Ad networks updates
Several ad networks have been updated and IronSource removed from the Family SDK
– Bug Fixes
4.2.02021/06/30– Adaptive Banners
Other features
– SDK dependency resolution enhancement
– Acceleration of .aar file execution on Android build.

– Bug Fixes
– Banner ad position issue
– Banner ad black screen issue
– Crash issue
4.1.02021/05/04– Test Ads and Test Mode
You may use test mode to ensure the integration is successful and your ad placements are functioning correctly.

– Test Device Management
You can easily manage test devices for your apps.

– SDK Integration Validation
You can check many details of the integration process. Such as MAS SDK Version, Appkey, Bundle ID, AdMob ID, initialization status, and more test mode details.