Why Use the MAS SDK

What is an SDK

A software development kit (SDK) is a software package that lets mobile apps connect to third-party services and technologies. Deeply enabled in apps, SDKs make way for a rich set of technological capabilities, and are capable of delivering an expansive set of tools.

Integrating the MAS SDK

When you integrate the MAS SDK, you import its SDK library file into your project so you can use its functions. Integrating the MAS SDK into your mobile app project gives you access to MAS’ fully managed monetization solution. This solution taps into multiple ad mediation platforms, and selects the one best suited for your game. Monetizing through high quality ad networks that serve in-app ads follows.

You need to integrate the MAS SDK before you can start monetizing your app.

Download the SDK

You need to download the SDK that corresponds to the platform you’re using to develop your game. Yodo1 continually upgrades the MAS SDK to improve monetization, increase access to valuable data, and provide new advertising features.

We create, new versions to support the latest market requirements. This ensures that you don’t need to monitor the market constantly to keep doing things right. By using the latest MAS SDK, you’ll benefit from all the new developments.

Download the latest version of the MAS SDK for Unity, here.

Updated on August 13, 2021

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