Using The Ad Placement Feature

What is the Ad Placement Feature?

The Ad Placement feature is a way for you to visualize and measure the approximate impact of a given ad injection in your game.

For example, let’s say you have an interstitial that activates every time a player hits the pause button. You want to know:

  • How many impressions this ad placement generates.
  • How much revenue it generates.

You can do this by setting an ad placement in that interstitial.

How is an Ad Placement set up?

With the MAS SDK, all you need to do is add a string parameter to the show method of the ad you want to see the data for.

To expand on the previous example, when writing the code for the interstitial described above, simply include the string “pause_interstitial” in the show method for that interstitial. It would look like this:


What if I am using Unity No-Code integration?

See that placement id field? Just add your Ad Placement string there.

I noticed the impressions for my ad placement are different from the impressions on the MAS Overview page. Why is that?

Great observation! The reason is that the banner impressions you see on the Overview page are “audited impressions”. That means the ad network has measured them to see which impressions are real, and which are fake. That’s right, a certain % of your impressions will be fake, unfortunately.

By comparison, the impressions you see for a given ad placement on the Ad Placement page are “not audited” meaning they are likely higher than they should be. The MAS SDK measures these ad impressions by checking every time an ad successfully shows and is viewed.

This means MAS catches impressions the ad network might consider “fake”. MAS can’t guarantee 100% accuracy, but it will measure every potential impression.

If the data on the two pages doesn’t match, what use it the ad placement data?

Ad placement data let’s you learn how to better monetize your game. There are several things you can learn, even with just impressions, including but not limited to:

  • The value of one placement vs another in terms of engagement
  • How frequently players take an action that would trigger a given ad placement
  • Whether or not it’s worth keeping an ad in your game vs removing it to improve user experience
Updated on December 27, 2021

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