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Unity SDK  Ver 3.14.0 (Jan 29, 2021)

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Change Logs

SDKRelease DateNotes
3.14.02021/01/291.Update some ad networks 2.For iOS, integration mode change from .a to cocoaPods
3.13.02020/12/04Update some ad networks
3.12.02020/10/31Update some ad networks
3.11.02020/10/19iOS update some ad networks and support iOS14.
3.10.22020/09/08Fix test mode issue on Android platform
3.10.02020/09/03Update some ad networks, remove Mintegral SDK.
3.9.22020/08/12Fix problems with UIWebView and remove Inmobi ads
3.9.12020/08/05Update some ad networks
3.9.02020/07/24Update some ad networks
3.8.02020/06/18Update some ad networks
3.7.22020/05/13Optimize Android code to improve SDK stability
3.7.02020/04/10Update some ad networks
Support CCPA
3.6.42020/03/18Optimize some codes
3.6.02020/02/13Update some ad networks
3.5.02019/12/27Update some ad networks
Optimize ad cache speed
3.4.22019/11/01Fix a compilation issue of android
3.4.12019/10/31Update some android ad networks
Optimize Android code to improve SDK stability
3.4.02019/10/18Support iOS 13
3.3.32019/08/06Update some ad networks
Support GDPR and COPPA
3.3.22019/07/09Update some ad networks
Remove interface of test mode
Updated on February 9, 2021

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