Unity Banner Configuration

This Banner Integration is now deprecated. It will be sunsetted in March 2022. Please use the new Banner Configuration Guide here.

1. Set Up the Banner Ad Delegate Method

Yodo1U3dMas.SetBannerAdDelegate((Yodo1U3dAdEvent adEvent, Yodo1U3dAdError error) => {
    Debug.Log("[Yodo1 Mas] BannerdDelegate:" + adEvent.ToString() + "\n" + error.ToString());
    switch (adEvent)
        case Yodo1U3dAdEvent.AdClosed:
            Debug.Log("[Yodo1 Mas] Banner ad has been closed.");
        case Yodo1U3dAdEvent.AdOpened:
            Debug.Log("[Yodo1 Mas] Banner ad has been shown.");
        case Yodo1U3dAdEvent.AdError:
            Debug.Log("[Yodo1 Mas] Banner ad error, " + error.ToString());

2. Show Banner Ad

The method using the default parameters, align: Yodo1U3dBannerAlign.BannerBottom | Yodo1U3dBannerAlign.BannerHorizontalCenterand offset (X: 0,Y: 0)


3. Set Banner Position

You can choose the banner position (bottom or top) by creating an in variable in the following way:

//for banner on bottom
int align = Yodo1U3dBannerAlign.BannerBottom;
//for banner on top
int align = Yodo1U3dBannerAlign.BannerTop;


4. Set Banner Offset

You can customize the banner offset for avoid notch or camera holes for example using the next code:

int align = Yodo1U3dBannerAlign.BannerTop | Yodo1U3dBannerAlign.BannerHorizontalCenter;
int offsetX = 10;
int offsetY = 10;
Yodo1U3dMas.ShowBannerAd(align, offsetX, offsetY);

5. Dismiss Banner


6. Create a Banner Placement

Simply add the placement name as a string after the positioning and offset.


Updated on November 18, 2021

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