What is the primary cause of errors during compilation?
Dependency conflicts. MAS includes several third party libraries, and you will need to remove duplicates of these libraries elsewhere in your code base. 
How can you address errors caused by the addition of “ObjC” after running “”?
We recommend 2 approaches:
1) Set parameters “–all_load” in options “Other linker flags”.
2) Set parameters “-force_load” for the libraries of MAS.
How can you address the following common errors that occur after running “”?
Error 1: 

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./”, line 156, in <module>
project = XcodeProject.Load(projectPath + ‘/project.pbxproj’)
File “/Volumes/Projects/DashyCrashy/dc_src/game/Yodo1Ads/Utils/”, line 1485, in Load
NameError: global name ‘flog’ is not defined
Jareds-MacBook-Pro:Utils Jared$ ./ ../../game.xcodeproj
project path:


This error message indicates “” failed to run properly. Please check for space or illegal characters in your project path. To ensure that the path is correct, you can find you xcodeproject and drag it behind ./ instead of inputting it manually.

Error 2: 

Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:
“_kMAConfigKeyMuted”, referenced from:
-[ALChartboostMediationAdapter updateShowConfigurationsForParameters:] in AppLovinMediationChartboostAdapter(ALChartboostMediationAdapter.o)
-[ALGoogleMediationAdapter updateMuteStateFromRequestParameters:] in AppLovinMediationGoogleAdapter(ALGoogleMediationAdapter.o)
-[ALVungleMediationAdapter showAdForPlacementIdentifier:serverParameters:error:] in AppLovinMediationVungleAdapter(ALVungleMediationAdapter.o)
“_Yodo1MakeStringCopy”, referenced from:
_UnityGetVersionName in libYodo1Ads.a(Yodo1Commons.o)
_UnityGetTalkingDataDeviceId in libYodo1Ads.a(Yodo1AnalyticsManager.o)
_UnityGetSuperProperty in libYodo1Ads.a(Yodo1AnalyticsManager.o)
_UnityGetSuperProperties in libYodo1Ads.a(Yodo1AnalyticsManager.o)
“_OBJC_CLASS_$_ALMediationAdapterRouter”, referenced from:
_OBJC_CLASS_$_ALUnityAdsMediationAdapterRouter in AppLovinMediationUnityAdsAdapter(ALUnityAdsMediationAdapter.o)
_OBJC_CLASS_$_ALChartboostMediationAdapterRouter in …


Please first follow the instructions for Error 1. If this does not work, it means you have not successfully removed all ad SDKs from your build. Please carefully search for residual code from any other ad SDKs that are already in MAS.

Error 3:

Undefined symbols for architecture armv7;
“_res_9_ninit”, referenced from:
+[SGMDataAcquisitionUnit sgm_DNS] in BUAdSDK(SGMDataAcquisitionUnit.o)
“_res_9_ndestroy”, referenced from:
+[SGMDataAcquisitionUnit sgm_DNS] in BUAdSDK(SGMDataAcquisitionUnit.o)
ld: symbols not found for architecture armv7
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (usev to see invocation)


The solution is the same as for errors #1 and #2.
How can you address conflicts generated by Facebook login or analysis SDKs?
To address this, simply delete FBSDKCoreKit.framework from the path: “Assets/Plugins/iOS/Yodo1Ads/thirdsdk/Yodo1Facebook/FBSDKCoreKit.framework” and then build again.
How can you address conflicts generated by the Firebase SDK?
To address this, simply delete GoogleUtilites from the path:

and delete nanopb.framework from the path:
and build again.
If you encounter a duplicate error related to PromisesObjc.framework, delete it from the path: “Assets/Plugins/iOS/Yodo1Ads/thirsdk/Yodo1Admob/PromisesObjc.framework”.
How can you address the “MAX Integration Incomplete” issue when uploading your app to the App store?

This pop-up window is from Applovin. It is present only in development builds of your game. If you are seeing this on an Android phone, you can simply compile a production build. If you are seeing this on an iOS phone, you can delete the line containing “NSAllowsArbitraryLoadsInWebContent” from Info.plist.
Updated on August 9, 2021

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