Change Log For Unity

Note: SDK Change Log has beed released starting from MAS 4.1.0 due to extea features added to to help developer keep track of the future SDK updates.

SDK VersionRelease DateFunctional Changes
MAS 4.3.12021/09/24> Applovin’s Ad Review feature
> New Data events
– Added responseCode and failureMessage properties to adInit event
– Added new adPrivacy event
> Bug Fixes
MAS 4.3.02021/09/09> Automatic privacy compliance
We now provide a simple three line solution to have a pop-up notification that covers GDPR, COPPA, and CCPA compliance.
> Automatic updates of the SkAdNetwork IDs
Now the SkAdNetwork settings for each ad network will automatically be updated
> Ad networks updates
Several ad networks have been updated and IronSource removed from the Family SDK
> Bug Fixes
MAS 4.2.02021/06/30> SDK Conflict Detection Feature
You may use it detect and delete Ad Network SDKs that conflict with MAS.

> Adaptive Banners

> Other features
– SDK dependency resolution enhancement.
– Optimization of CocoaPods download speed.
– Acceleration of .aar file execution on Android build.

> Bug Fixes
– Banner ad position issue
– Banner ad black screen issue
– Crash issue
MAS 4.1.02021/05/04> Test Ads and Test Mode
You may use test mode to ensure the integration is successful and your ad placements are functioning correctly.

> Test Device Management
You can easily manage test devices for you apps.

> SDK Integration Validation
You can check many details of the integration process. Such as MAS SDK Version, Appkey, Budle ID, AdMob ID, initialization status, and more test mode details.
Updated on September 27, 2021

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