Godot Banner Integration

Set Up the Banner Signals

Check the Loading Status of Banners

var banner_loaded = yodo1mas.is_banner_ad_loaded()

Show Banner Ad

Use the show method to display a banner:


The method uses default aligment parameters BANNER_TOP | BANNER_HORIZONTAL_CENTER and a default offset of (X: 0,Y: 0):

yodo1mas.show_banner_ad_with_align(yodo1mas.BannerAlign.BANNER_RIGT | yodo1mas.BannerAlign.BANNER_BOTTOM)

You can customize the banner alignment and offset.

yodo1mas.show_banner_ad_with_align_and_offset(yodo1mas.BannerAlign.BANNER_RIGT | yodo1mas.BannerAlign.BANNER_BOTTOM, Vector2(10,10))

Dismiss Banner Ad

Updated on April 15, 2021

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