Apple’s ATT Questionnaire

According to Apple’s requirements, starting December 8, 2020, app developers need to define the data that their apps and integrated SDKs collect.  

The corresponding tables serve as a reference regarding the data that MAS collects. You may use this information to accurately answer Apple’s privacy questionnaire when submitting your MAS integrated game.


  1. This information is only used to answer Apple’s privacy questionnaire, and is not intended to replace the MAS privacy policy. Developers are requested to read the MAS Privacy Policy before integrating MAS.
  2. Only data collected by MAS is described below. It does not include data collected indirectly by the SDK, or data collected by other SDKs you might be using.

Contact infoCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
NameNo N/A N/A
Email AddressNo N/A N/A
Phone NumberNo N/A N/A
Physical AddressNo N/A N/A
Other User Contact InfoNo N/A N/A
Health and FitnessCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
HealthNo N/A N/A
FitnessNo N/A N/A
Financial InfoCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
Payment InfoNo N/A N/A
Credit InfoNo N/A N/A
Other Financial InfoNo N/A N/A
LocationCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
Precise LocationNo N/A N/A
Coarse LocationYes Yes3rd party advertising
Sensitive InfoCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
Sensitive InfoNo N/A N/A
ContactsCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
ContactsNo N/A N/A
User ContentCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
Emails or Text MessagesNo N/A N/A
Photos or VideosNo N/A N/A
Audio DataNo N/A N/A
Gameplay ContentNo N/A N/A
Customer SupportNo N/A N/A
Other User ContentNo N/A N/A
Browsing HistoryCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
Browsing HistoryNo N/A N/A
Search HistoryCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
Search HistoryNo N/A N/A
IdentifiersCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
User IDNo N/A N/A
Device IDYesYes3rd party advertising
PurchasesCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
Purchase HistoryNo N/A N/A
Usage DataCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
Product Interaction (only if mediation partners actively share such data)YesNo3rd party advertising
Advertising DataYesNo3rd party advertising
Other Usage DataNo N/A N/A
DiagnosticsCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
Crash DataNo N/A N/A
Performance DataYesNo3rd party advertising
Other Diagnostic DataNo N/A N/A
Other DataCollectedUsed for trackingPurpose
Other Data TypesNo N/A N/A

Updated on January 21, 2022

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