This plugin is developed with the help of NINEVA.

1- Download the plugin

Download the MAS UE plugin from the following link.

2- Import the plugin

2.1- Create a folder named Plugins in your project root directory.

2.2- Place MAS plugin folder into Plugins folder.

3- Unreal Version

Make sure the Unreal Engine version is correct in the YodoAds.uplugin file that you can find under MAS plugin folder.

Change this version to your Unreal Engine version. 

4- Basic Setup

In order to configure MAS plugin, you need to add your game to your dashboard to get your Appkey and Admob ID.

Enter these values in the Project Settings -> Yodo Ads.

5- Initialize the SDK

6- AD Units

6.1- Banner ads


Load the Banner Ad

Show the Banner Ad

Make sure to call the Show function only when the banner is loaded. Also, make sure to destroy the banner ad when it is no longer needed.

6.2- Interstitial Ad 


Show the Interstitial Ad

6.3- Rewarded Ads


Show the ad

For the next step please test your integration.