Privacy Dialog Customization

Follow the following steps to customize the privacy dialog according to your needs. 

1. Custom user agreement

You can add your own custom user agreement link using the following code.

					Yodo1AdBuildConfig config = new Yodo1AdBuildConfig().enableUserPrivacyDialog(true).userAgreementUrl("Your user agreement url");  

2. Custom Privacy Policy

You can add your own custom privacy policy link using the following code.

					Yodo1AdBuildConfig config = new Yodo1AdBuildConfig().enableUserPrivacyDialog(true).privacyPolicyUrl("Your privacy policy url");  

3. Customize the Appearance

You can customize the design of the privacy policy window. 

The pop up is divided into 3 sections:

You can customize the background color of the 3 highlighted areas.

					Yodo1MasUserPrivacyConfig userPrivacyConfig = new Yodo1MasUserPrivacyConfig()

Yodo1AdBuildConfig config = new Yodo1AdBuildConfig()


4. Get User Age and ATT Status

You can get the user age from the plugin and Apple ATT dialog status from the following code. 

					int age = Yodo1U3dMas.GetUserAge();

int attStatus = Yodo1U3dMas.GetAttrackingStatus();
switch(attStatus) {
    case Yodo1U3dAttrackingStatus.NotDetermined: break;
    case Yodo1U3dAttrackingStatus.Restricted: break;
    case Yodo1U3dAttrackingStatus.Denied: break;
    case Yodo1U3dAttrackingStatus.Authorized: break;
    case Yodo1U3dAttrackingStatus.SystemLow: break;  // iOS version below 14