Download Unity SDK


  1. MAS supports Unity LTS versions from 2019 and above
  2. To deploy to Android, Minimum API Level should be 21+ and Target API Level should be 30+
  3. The minimum required Gradle version is 6.1.1
  4. To deploy to iOS, you need to use Xcode 13+ and Cocoapods 1.10.0+
  5. If you use Proguard, make sure to read this
  6. If you face any issues, please check our troubleshooting guide

1. Download the SDK

To build for iOS, you need to update your iOS resolver settings under External Dependency Manager -> iOS Resolver:

2. Integrate the SDK

Open your Unity project and import the Unity package. Double click the compressed package icon. The files will auto-populate as illustrated below.

MAS Unity plugin is built for Android & iOS platforms. Please run your projects on Android and/or iOS devices to test ads when integration is complete.

3. Ad Network Manager

Starting MAS 4.8.10 we have introduced Ad Network Manager where ad networks can be added or removed dynamically. Please visit this page to get more detail. 

Note: Make sure to contact support to seek guidance on which ad networks are safe to remove without impacting the revenue.

4. Video tutorial


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