Download Unity SDK


  1. MAS supports Unity LTS versions from 2018 and above
  2. To deploy to Android, you need to target API 19+ and use Gradle 6.1.1 or above
  3. To deploy to iOS, you need to use Xcode 13+ and Cocoapods 1.10.0+
  4. Please remove any old MAS version from your project before upgrading to 4.4+
  5. If you use Proguard, make sure to read this
  6. You can check the Unity Samples and video tutorials to aid your integration

1. Download the correct SDK

MAS provides 3 versions of the Unity plugin, and you need to select one depending on your game:

  • If your game is a part of Google Play’s “Designed for Families” program, you will need to use the Family SDK in order to comply with the program’s requirements.
  • If your game is not part of the “Designed for Families Program”, please use the Standard SDK.
  • If your game prefers to use the 4 top ad networks to keep the SDK lightweight without making significant compromises on Monetization, please use the Lite SDK.

Note: To build for iOS, you need to use MAS 4.3.2+ and update your iOS resolver settings under External Dependency Manager -> iOS Resolver:

2. Integrate the SDK into your project

Open your Unity project and import the Unity package. Double click the compressed package icon. The files will auto-populate as illustrated below.


The MAS Unity Plugin is built for Android & iOS platforms. Please run your projects on Android and/or iOS devices to test ads when integration is complete.

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