Troubleshooting Guide

1. Display ATT requests in iOS 15

If the App Tracking Transparency authorization request is not showing for iOS 15 devices, this will cause the rejection of your game. iOS 15 requires the ATT request to be made while the app is active.

In order to do this, you can initialize MAS in applicationDidBecomeActive.

					override func viewDidLoad()
selector: #selector(applicationDidBecomeActive(notification:)),
name: UIApplication.didBecomeActiveNotification,
object: nil)
@objc func applicationDidBecomeActive(notification: NSNotification) {
Yodo1Mas.sharedInstance().initWithAppKey("YourAppKey") {
print("[Yodo1 Mas] Successful initialization")
} fail: { (Yodo1MasError) in
print("[Yodo1 Mas] Failed initialization")

2. CallKit rejection

If your game got rejected in App Store because of CallKit, we encourage you to appeal because MAS doesn’t use this framework.

You can also uncheck China mainland under Pricing and Availability.