Performance Metrics

Our performance metrics deliver valuable insight and analytics with the aim of better understanding your monetization performance. Your performance reports come with a range of filters, giving you the ability to track your game’s performance easily.

Step 1. Navigate to Monetization Reports

Your dashboard displays all apps with at least one active ad unit.

When you log in, you’re immediately directed to AnalyzeDashboard. You may view your performance metrics here at any time.

Step 2. Filter Data For Maximum Value

Use filters to view your data in a number of compelling ways.

You may find the date range and filters at the top section of the dashboard. Use these to better understand your app’s performance over time. Filters simplify finding specific results and segregating data based on your needs.

  • Application: Get to view reports for specific apps. Isolate data for a group of apps or for every app you monetize through MAS. You may choose to include or exclude specific apps.
  • Country: Refine your reports by country to understand your apps’ performance based on the geography. You may choose to include or exclude specific countries. 
  • Date Range: Choose the time frame for your report. Select any predefined range or create a custom date range.
  • Platform: Platform allows you to better understand your games’ performance on iOS and Android.
  • Ad Type: Understand the performance of different ad types in your game, such as banners, interstitials, and or rewarded videos.

Step 3. Defining and Toggling Between Metrics

Click on icons of different metrics to view dedicated graphs for the metric in question. Yodo1 currently offers data on Estimated Revenue, Impressions, eCPMs, DAU, ARPDAU, and IMPDAU.

Step 4. Export Your Data

If you’d like to export/save a report, click on ‘Download‘.