Creating a Developer Website

Not all developers have developer websites. If you find yourself in that boat, follow this simple guide on how to create a new website, as well as how to add the required app-ads.txt file.

This guide highlights how you may set up an inexpensive developer website using

Step 1: Getting Started With Namecheap

Visit Enter your desired domain name in the space that is provided to check for availability and pricing. We recommend using .xyz domains if you’re on a budget, as they are relatively inexpensive.

Make sure you select WordPress hosting along with the domain name. The annual subscription will save you a significant amount of money compared to most alternatives.

The final step in registering your domain name is checking out.

Step 2: Add the File Manager Plugin

After you complete your purchase, follow through the process of accessing your new website until you get to the WordPress dashboard. Here, select Plugins and then click on “Add New”.

On the Add Plugins page, in the search plugin field, enter “File Manager” as the keyword.

The first result should display the corresponding icon. You need to click on it to begin the installation.

Step 3:  Configuring the App-Ads.txt File Using File Manager

After installing File Manager, go back to Installed Plugins and select “Activate”.

Find File Manager on the left sidebar of the dashboard. Open the menu to access File Manager functionalities. Once there, select the icon to add a file. Make sure you choose TXT: Plain text.

Next, you need to rename the new .txt file to app-ads.txt.

Right click on the file. And click on “Rename”.

The next step is to open the Code Editor using the same menu. This is originally a blank file. Copy the lines from this page into the text file, after which it should look like the image below. Then, save and close the file.

Once you’re done, visit your developer website and add /app-ads.txt at the end of the web address. If you are successful, you should be able to view the same content that you do when you visit