How to Add a Game to your Account

You may start monetizing your game with MAS once you add it to your account.

Developers with live games in an app store should provide the app’s URL. If your app isn’t live yet, you may use a temporary name and add the URL once the app is live.

Follow these steps to add an app to your account:

1. Navigate to the Dashboard

Start by logging in to the MAS Portal. You will land on the Dashboard page, where you will find the Add Game button.

2. Enter Your App Details

2.1 Store Link

When submitting your game, please submit your store link if the game is already available for download. Once you submit, you’ll be shown the relevant information about your game that has been collected from the store link.

If your game is not available for download, simply click “I Do Not Have A Link Yet”. You’ll be moved to the next step.

2.2 Name

If your game is not available for download, enter the name you plan to release it with here. Later, when you submit your app store link, any name changes you make will automatically be reflected on the MAS portal, so don’t worry if you don’t have a final name now.

2.3 Platform

If your game is not available for download, please specify the platform it will available for download from.

2.4 Game Engine

Specify how you built your game. MAS officially supports Unity, Godot, Solar 2D, Android, and iOS games. Please select other if you built your game in another way.

2.4 Ad Types

Specify which ad types your game supports. These can be changed later, but we advise you to select the correct options carefully the first time, to avoid losing any revenue at launch.

2.5 Estimated DAU

Finally, please share the estimated DAU of your game, which will be used to properly configure ad placements in your game.

3. Next Steps

Once your app has been submitted successfully, you will see a final screen that includes your App Key, Admob-App ID, and a link back to this documentation. Make sure to save this information, as it is necessary for successful integration.

For the next step please enter payment information.