Discover What’s New in SDK Version 4.10.0

The new MAS SDK version 4.10.0 is now live!

Let’s briefly explore the new and exciting things that await MAS developers in the latest version, and why there has never been a better time to update. Here we go.

New Networks:

With this update, we’ve integrated two leading ad networks, BidMachine and Amazon, amplifying our ad network inventory. This improvement ensures superior RV/IV and banner performance, which means developers using the latest version can expect to see a bump in ad revenue.


In light of the recent privacy changes in iOS 17, we have also refined the MAS SDK to achieve full compliance. This guarantees transparency in data tracking, aligning seamlessly with the latest updates. It also makes 4.10.0 a major version upgrade—all the more crucial for our developers who want to prioritize compliance.

Dashboard Enhancements

Our dashboard is now more powerful than ever. With the introduction of the game performance comparison feature, developers can easily compare key metrics for up to 4 games. Metrics include revenue, impressions, eCPM ARPDAU, IMP/DAU, country data, performance scores, Ad Placement performance, and Ad Type performance. This amazing tool allows developers to instantly spot trends and differences among similar games and make informed, strategic decisions. Insights like these are, of course, crucial for long-term growth.

And if all that weren’t enough, we’ve also overhauled our ad placement report. It now offers in-depth metrics on various ad placements, including revenue, impressions, DAU, Imp/DAU, ARPDAU, ARPDAV, and Ad Viewer Rate. This granularity is critical in helping developers more deeply understand player interactions with different ad types, and optimize ad placement within the game.

Yodo1 is dedicated to offering the most impactful game growth insights out there, and the best ad performance to boot. No other ad monetization solution offers the depth, clarity, and level of performance possible with MAS. Update today to leverage these enhancements and supercharge your game’s revenue and growth!

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