Introducing the Yodo1 MAS Performance Score: Your Key to Unlocking Mobile Game Success

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Yodo1 MAS Performance Score, a revolutionary feature designed to help mobile game developers unlock their game’s full potential. This is not just another tool—it’s a game-changer.

Your New AI Advisor for Mobile Game Growth

The Performance Score is a groundbreaking offering in the mobile gaming industry. It’s not just another data analysis tool—it’s an AI-powered co-pilot that generates actionable insights to guide your game’s growth. The Performance Score is a rules-based recommendation system that improves over time, providing more targeted recommendations as you onboard more games on MAS.

To use this feature, your game or app must be generating at least $100 in monthly revenue on MAS.

Simplicity and Savings

The Performance Score is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is integrate MAS, and recommendations start generating weekly. This feature is designed to save you hundreds of hours of data analysis, providing a clear, concise view of your game’s performance. More importantly, it offers a roadmap to dramatically increase revenue by implementing changes based on these insights.

What Does It Check?

The Performance Score provides a comprehensive analysis of your game, including:

  • Store performance trends
  • Store rank trends
  • User sentiment in reviews
  • Monetization setup and recommendations for improvement
  • User geography and recommendations for improving performance in high-usage countries
  • Ad engagement
  • Release history and potential red flags
  • Recommendations for new ad types based on your audience
  • Checks for issues on store listing and raises red flags if anything is found affecting monetization
  • Your Game’s Health at a Glance

The Performance Score provides an overall aggregate of five key metrics to estimate your app’s current health on a scale of 0 – 100. These metrics span General Health, Monetization, User Stickiness, Popularity Check, and Quality Check. The grading system ranges from “Very Poor” (0) to “Excellent” (85-100), giving you a clear understanding of where your game stands.

Ready to Unlock Your Game’s Potential?

Start using the MAS monetization platform today and tap into the power of the Performance Score. Watch as these data insights exponentially grow your revenue in the next 90 days. Sign up here. Don’t navigate the landscape of game growth alone. Let Yodo1 MAS and the Performance Score be your trusted advisors on your mobile game growth journey.

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