Instantly Boost Your Game’s Revenue with App Open Ads

App Open Ads are straightforward: they are ads that show when players open your game or come back to it after a break. The key benefit is that every player sees these ads, which means more ad revenue.

Since its beta launch in Q4 2022, App Open ads on MAS have grown from supporting one ad network to five. This growth means your ads have a wider reach. Plus, Yodo1’s user-friendly interface simplifies ad management, saving you time and effort.

What about Retention?

For many developers, the worry is that using App Open Ads could lower player retention. Well, good news! The data says otherwise. Our in-depth analysis shows that these ads don’t negatively affect retention rates. On top of that, session times remain consistent, confirming that the user experience isn’t compromised.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

The integration process is quick, and the potential revenue uplift is huge—between 20% and 50%.

Ready to boost your revenue? Integrate App Open Ads today!

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