New MAS SDK Update: What You Need to Know

MAS 4.8.9 is here and there’s a ton of new, helpful features to upgrade your data and monetization—we think you’re going to be as excited about it as we are. Read on to learn more! 

Highlights of the latest MAS features:

  1. New Ad Formats: Boost your engagement rates and revenue with app open ads and rewarded interstitials.
  2. Google Bidding: This new feature in MAS takes our ad optimization to a whole new level, and is already improving the monetization of games on MAS.
  3. Additional Ad Networks: Enjoy extended reach and higher monetization with our new ad networks – Mintegral, RevenueFlex, AdsYield, and Kidoz.
  4. Enhanced Analytics Solutions: Measure your user metrics (DAU, ARPDAU, IMP/DAU) more accurately with our refined analytics solutions.
  5. User-Friendly Ad Reporting: We’ve made it easier for end-users to report problematic ads, enhancing the overall user experience.
  6. Ad Networks Upgrade: We’ve upgraded major ad networks to improve monetization and fix stability bugs, ensuring smoother operation.

To help you seamlessly transition to the updated version, we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions. 

1. How can I upgrade to the latest version of MAS?

Simply download the latest version in the documentation below!


Native Android:

Native IOS:

2. Where can I find details on all the new features and changes?

You can review all the specific details of the new MAS SDK, as well as what’s new and different, here:

3. How has the stability improved in this SDK update?

In this new version, all the ad network SDKs have been upgraded to the latest stable versions. Other bugs have also been fixed, leading to a reliable, smoother experience.

4. I’ve imported the latest MAS SDK but am now receiving error messages in the console; what should I do?

Remove the Yodo1 folder and import the SDK again—if you still face issues please contact support. We’re happy to help.

5. I’ve imported the latest MAS SDK and was unable to build a project; what should I do?

Our troubleshooting guide (see below) can help with resolving most issues you might face, but if the issue persists please contact support.


Native Android:

6. After importing the latest MAS SDK, I can’t see the ads in testing; what should I do?

Make sure your test device is added and that test ads are enabled in the dashboard. Follow this link for more details, but if ads are still not showing, please contact support.

7. I see that you will be discontinuing support for versions prior to MAS 4.8.2; what exactly does that mean?

We will stop providing technical support and monetization optimization for apps using earlier versions than MAS 4.8.2.

8. If I haven’t upgraded by July 30, will my app be demonetized?

No, your app will still be monetized after July 30, but we will lo longer provide technical support or monetization optimization for it, as stated above.

9. Will I still get paid if I am using an old version after July 30?

Yes, you will still get paid after July 30 if you are using an older version. However, it’s certainly in your best interest to upgrade for even more improved monetization. 

10. After upgrading to the latest MAS SDK, my DAU increased but the ARPDAU and IMP/DAU dropped; why is this?

This happens due to a data discrepancy issue with the old SDK that we fixed in MAS 4.8.2+ that caused the DAU shown to be lower while ARPDAU and IMP/DAU were higher. The data displayed now in the dashboard is more accurate.

11. I still have questions. How can I contact support and get help?

You can reach out to support using the chat option in the MAS Dashboard.

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